What is IPS Works?

IPS WORKS specialises in assisting community organisations and services to implement evidence-based supported employment following the internationally acclaimed Individual Placement and Support model.

We are a dedicated unit within the Western Australian Association for Mental Health, a peak body for community mental health with 50 years' experience in sector development, advocacy and training.

IPS WORKS uses a tailored approach, providing unique solutions to meet the needs of your organisation and staff to develop, deliver and evaluate a successful IPS program.

We recognise that paid employment is a basic human need and endorse the Individual Placement and Support model as person-centred, fostering hope and promoting social inclusion.

At IPS WORKS we understand that employment can reduce the negative impacts of living with a mental health condition by increasing self-worth, alleviating symptoms, and increasing satisfaction and well-being.

Where the IPS program has been implemented and successfully managed, employment outcomes for people with a lived experience of mental illness have been as high as 54 percent compared to traditional employment methods of just 24 per cent.


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