How can we implement the IPS model in our mental health service?

In Australia, you have two options.  You may implement a fully integrated IPS program with the creation of an internal position in your organisation that is dedicated to supported employment.

Alternatively, you may implement an IPS partnership. This requires a local mental health service to become IPS site-ready.  The mental health service conducts an Expression of Interest to find a preferred Disability Employment Service-Employment Support Service (DES-ESS) provider and an IPS partnership is negotiated. 

How long does implementing an IPS program typically take?

This varies depending on whether you choose to implement a fully integrated IPS program or establish an IPS partnership with a local DES-ESS. If you have a dedicated IPS champion or IPS site coordinator this can speed up and streamline implementation. IPS WORKS can provide technical support packages to support your organisation to implement, deliver and evaluate your own IPS program.

We already have an established IPS service, can we still engage your IPS technical support services?

Absolutely!  We uphold the integrity of evidence-based supported employment and work with organisations at any stage of their IPS journey.  You can select technical support services that meet your particular needs and we can provide you with a comprehensive quote.

How much does it cost to engage your technical support services?

Each customer comes with unique and individual needs, contact IPS WORKS to get a comprehensive quote.

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