IPS Training & Workforce development

IPS WORKS understands the specialist nature of the Individual Placement and Support model.  If you are wanting to implement evidence-based supported employment, we will work with your executive team and an IPS champion to ensure they know the basic tenants of IPS. Our one-on-one mentoring approach is unique and personalised to your organisational needs.

IPS WORKS provides a range of IPS training courses

Setting the Foundation: Specifically designed for an IPS steering committee in the early stages of IPS service delivery.  An interactive workshop which reinforces the eight core practice principles of IPS, explores mechanisms of leadership and partnership and reviews the necessity of monitoring and evaluating an IPS program.

IPS Supervisor training: Supervision is an integral part of leading a team of dynamic and innovative employment specialists.  Learn to recognise exemplary skills when recruiting IPS staff, model a strengths based approach and mentor specialists to improve employment outcomes and IPS fidelity.

IPS practitioner training: Gain the confidence to engage job seekers with specific mental health support needs, develop individualised employment plans and write a CV that stands out, putting the jobseeker’s strengths and qualities forward for the perfect job match. Learn practical ways to utilise the community as a rich resource of potential jobs. Build effective employer relationships, ask critical questions and build rapport with hiring managers.